25. Januar 2016

Yukie Koji


Yukie Koji

born 1977 in Osaka . Training at the Academie de Danse Classique Princesse Grasse in Monaco, and the Performance Year in Zurich . 1999 commitment to the Saarland State Theatre and the State Theatre Braunschweig. Since 2005 working as a freelance dancer in various projects in Germany , Switzerland , Liechtenstein, Austria, Luxembourg and Italy with Jacqueline Beck , Jochen Heckmann , Elio Gervasi , Gisela Rocha , Raphael Irace , Ignacio Martinez , Hanni Westphal , and Hanspeter Horner . Moreover she is a certified Feldenkrais therapist .

„T like 津波 Tsunami“

sipping champagne while the floods come

Vienna based and internationally active Japanese dancer Yukie Koji , whose family has been affected by the Fukushima disaster, comments with anger, sadness combined with her own vital humor the fact how not affected get along with disasters – “ sipping champagne , while the floods come “ – and mercilessly exposes political- and media lies.

Choreography / Dance : Yukie Koji

Director / Video : Hanspeter Horner

Stage : Meisei Koji

Produced by CCB choreography center Bleiburg / Bliberk

Photos : J. Hermann

Support u.a Elio Gervasi / AREA 33