4. Mai 2016

Maciej Kuźmiński



The new work by Kuźmiński is a caleidoscope of images and memories, capturing a man in a surreal space, where time wraps on itself. Recurring and seemingly disconnected scenes reflect the contemporary, fragmented world, where actual and virtual images blur beyond recognition.

Resulting is a portrait of five individuals, each having own story and desires, suspended in constant motion. They become a part of an archipelago of memories, which gradually envelops the audience with an unforgettable strength of imagery.


concept & choreography: Maciej Kuzminski performance: Anna Mikuła, Zuzanna Kasprzyk, Monika Witkowska, Karol Miękina, Grzegorz Łabuda dramaturgy: Adam Hypki, light design: Ewa Garniec, costume design: Justyna Jakubczyk – Lassota


Production: Caro Dance Theatre with Centre for Culture and Art in Siedlce, Poland, Zduńska Wola Culture House, Poland and JOHAN Centrum in Pilsen, Czech RepublicSupporters: Centre for Culture and Art in Siedlce, Poland; Zduńska Wola Culture House, Poland; JOHAN Centrum in Pilsen, Czech Republic, Visegrad Artist Residency Fund, EEPAP East European Performing Arts Programme






Difference / Różnica trailer from Maciej Kuźmiński on Vimeo.


The work gives an intimate insight into imaginary world of an individual re-defining his own self. „Identity does not begin, nor does it end“ says a voice quoting Deleuze, as Kuźmiński searches for the independent artistic and movement style. This self-performed dance monodrama stuns with the beauty of it’s set and lighting design, created by a visual artist Michał Mackiewicz.

Difference and Repetition form a full-length double bill evening of radically different, yet complimentary pieces, inspired by Gilles Deleuze’s magnum opus – „Difference and Repetition“.


Repetition / Powtórzenie trailer from Maciej Kuźmiński on Vimeo.


Repetition, a visual essay about transitions of identity, questions the essence of repetition itself. The work, with it’s complex composition formed by recurring themes, begs a question – is repetition possible at all? As in Bergman’s Persona , here also the differences and similarities between two women seem to blur, to later become visible in detail. „Thinking is a game of difference and repetition“ says Deleuze.

every element – choreography, performance, sense of space and timing – reaches independently a very high level A. Z. Kowalczyk, Lublin Courier ( PL )





In Room 40 seemingly disparate scenes connect, taking the spectator on a journey from total involvement to self-awareness. Using the state of tiredness, Kuźmiński showcases dancers’ virtuosity, and by undermining established theatrical conventions casts a critical eye at tradition. Balancing between forms, this reflective, existentialist piece, is both provocative and moving.

Room 40 perfectly bridges concept and beauty Dance Tabs Magazine ( UK )

The many dance representatives and journalists were impressed by Kuźmiński’s choreography and the rawness of it’s performance DANS Magazine ( NL)

Audience Award at the bi-annual Polish Dance Platform in 2014, hosting over 300 international dance representatives




„The word feminism needs to be reclaimed in a way that is inclusive of men.“

Dominique danced by Dominik Więcek, a sleek and slender young man, looks at concepts of manhood and womanhood, their liquid and contractual nature. His body, put in a socio-political context, turns into Her body, serving as a field of battle for the cultural concepts of gender.

well thought through and with a good dose of humour Mirosław Baran ( PL ) a powerful socio-political statement Hanna Raszewska ( PL )

Second Prize & Audience Award at the International Solo Dance Contest ’15 First Prize at the Warsaw Dance Platform ’15

Dominique, which in March received both Audience Awards at the Stuttgart 20. Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival, will be participating in 30th International Competition for Choreographers in Hannover on the 11th & 12th of June.

3 5 M I N S O L O P R E M I E R E D I N 2 0 1 5 F U L L R E C O R D I N G  A V A I L A B L E


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